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Maine lawmakers mull cell phone health warnings

Ros Krasney
Reuters [1]
Wednesday, March 3, 2010

BOSTON (Reuters) – Maine’s state Legislature could soon vote on a bill making the Northeast U.S. state the first to require that cellular phones carry warnings of a possible link between mobile phone radiation and brain cancer.

Dozens of studies on the issue have shown no link, but have not ended the debate. Any requirement for warning labels could be a headache for cell phone manufacturers.



Maine’s bill, the Children’s Wireless Protection Act, was the subject of emotional testimony on Tuesday in the joint House-Senate Health and Human Services Committee in Augusta, the state capital.

The committee will next schedule one or more work sessions that could kill the bill outright, or advance it to debate by the state’s House and Senate. Votes in the full Democratic-controlled state House and Senate could come as early this month, a legislative aide said.

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