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Man claims he’s created a ‘new human sense’ after implanting a Bluetooth COMPASS into his chest that vibrates when he faces north

Daily Mail [1]
December 6, 2018

A biohacker claims to have developed a ‘new human sense’ after implanting a Bluetooth compass into his chest.

Liviu Babitz, 38, is the chief executive of London-based tech company, Cyborgnest, which designed the ‘North Sense’ implant.

The inch-long (2.5cm), water-resistant device, which is attached to the skin via a titanium piercing, gently vibrates each time he faces north.

This, he says, ‘unlocks the power of the human brain by creating new neural pathways’ and provides extra sensory information.

Mr Babitz hopes that his in-built navigation system – which relies on a standard GPS chip – would allow people to experience the world differently, much like an animal, and could see an end to reliance on mobile devices.

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