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Mark Dice Live in Los Angeles: Boycott the Super Bowl and Read a Book Instead

You Tube [1]
Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mark Dice takes his campaign to television, trying to make Americans get as upset about their country being destroyed than they do about watching men chase a ball around on a grass field.

Only days after making news on a Florida TV station [2], Mark Dice makes broadcast TV a second time in Los Angeles in a bid to convince people– some people at least– to boycott the SuperBowl and focus instead our excitement, anger and energy on the political looting of our country. Instead of a competition with no real impact on our lives, people should educate themselves on the things that really matter.

Mark Dice calls the SuperBowl, and TV in general, the opiate of the masses. That is perhaps too much to swallow the anchors.

Dice stirs up the pro-sports anchors with his iconoclastic suggestion to ignore the annual installment of the world’s most televised competition, and manages to plug Alex Jones’ Fall of the Republic [3] and The Obama Deception [4] to the masses as well.