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Martin Bashir says Sarah Palin is an ‘idiot’ and suggests someone should defecate in her mouth

Rob Williams
London Independent [1]
November 18, 2013

The British journalist Martin Bashir, who is currently working as a political commentator for US network MSNBC, has sparked outrage by calling former Republican Party nominee for Vice President, Sarah Palin, a ‘world class idiot’, and suggesting someone should defecate in her mouth.

Bashir, who is most famous for his high-profile interviews with Princess Diana and Michael Jackson, used his afternoon show to launch a scathing attack on Ms Palin over her comments comparing the US national debt with slavery.

In response Mr Bashir described Palin as having a “well-established reputation as a world class idiot”, before going on to cite the story of an incident where a slave was made to defecate in another’s mouth.

He said: “Given her well-established reputation as a world class idiot, it’s hardly surprising that [Palin] should choose to mention slavery in a way that is abominable to anyone who knows anything about its barbaric history.”

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