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Mask Wearers Are Littering Streets and Countryside With Used PPE

Despite many of them being sanctimonious about stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Paul Joseph Watson
May 11, 2020


Anecdotal evidence suggests many people who wear masks to protect against coronavirus are discarding them as litter on the street and countryside with little regard for safe disposal.

A big controversy in the UK ever since the start of the coronavirus lockdown has been the apparent shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), including face masks.

However, a woman in Lincolnshire told LockdownSceptics.org [1] that used PPE is quickly becoming trash and is littering the environment.

“Every time I go out on my bicycle round here I find bits of PPE scattered by the side of the road, usually the giveaway blue gloves,” she said. “Here’s today’s find – a PPE mask evidently hurled out of a car window and decorating the verge near the village of Ropsley. Who’s the culprit? No idea, but it’s presumably a health worker of some sort who’s quite happy to chuck used PPE into the general environment rather than dispose of it safely.”

The website also reports on another reader in Malta who has noticed a similar trend.

“The first day we were allowed out everywhere was nice and clean and tidy. But every morning I go out there are masks and gloves littering the sides of the roads and in the hedgerows. I wonder what on earth goes through these twats’ heads. Clearly not very much,” he said.

The irony here is of course obvious; Many mask-wearers are very sanctimonious about how they are playing a key role in stopping the spread of COVID-19 and will chastise others who they perceive as violating social distancing rules.

However, when it comes to safely disposing of the masks, which would obviously be vital to reduce the risk of transmitting the disease, they choose instead to just discard them on the ground.

It appears that for some, the idea of obeying authority and enforcing it against others is more appealing than actually trying to prevent the spread of the virus.


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