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Mass Exodus: Thousands of Lifelong Democrats Jump to Trump

Thousands of Democrats also propelled Reagan to White House

Kit Daniels
Prison Planet.com
March 10, 2016

Over 46,000 Pennsylvania Democrats have switched parties to vote for Donald Trump, joining thousands of other lifelong Democrats in blue states doing the exact same thing.

In Massachusetts alone, at least 20,000 Democrats have defected to support Trump and another 1,000 blue-collar Ohio Democrats are also jumping ship to Trump, and no Republican president has ever won the White House without Ohio.

The movement, called “Ditch and Switch,” was promoted in Sept. by the YouTube duo Diamond and Silk and explains why Trump is winning so many open primary states where voters don’t have register as Republicans to cast GOP ballots.

“For many years the Democratic Party has promoted agendas that most Americans did not agree with,” Diamond and Silk declared in a video. “Our country is deeply divided, and the silent majority has been bullied into silence by political posturing and underhanded agendas that favor the few while excluding the majority.”

The last time a similar movement erupted was likely during the 1980 presidential race when switchover Democrats helped propel Ronald Reagan into the oval office.

“The labor unions, who usually support the Democrats, a lot of our members, and a lot of their families, are supporting Trump,” said [1] Keith Strobelt with the United Steelworkers local union in Canton, Ohio. “It could be that several hundred of our members will back Trump.”

“A lot find him refreshing. He says a lot of things they say around their dinner tables.”

And that’s scaring Democratic Party leaders.

“Trump put together a coalition in Massachusetts that elects Democratic governors,” Democratic strategist Mary Anne Marsh said [1], pointing out that Trump has won big in blue-collar, union cities across the rust belt. “He won among Catholics, a week after picking a fight with the Pope.”

“I absolutely think he can put the rust belt into play.