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McCain’s ‘team of mavericks’ run by ‘old Bush hands.’

Think Progress [1]
Monday, Sept 22, 2008

The Washington Post observes that many of the advisers on the McCain-Palin campaign are not “a group of outsiders to the Republican Party power structure,” but rather “skilled operatives who learned their crafts in successive Bush campaigns and various jobs across the Bush government over the past eight years“:

[O]thers, including some sympathetic Republicans, have begun to quietly question whether McCain and Palin are well served by strategists so firmly anchored in the Bush establishment when the candidates are presenting themselves as a “team of mavericks” and agents of change. One Republican with long-standing ties to the Bush administration described the situation as a paradox in which Palin is especially vulnerable.

One “Republican loyalist” noted that since Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) chose Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) as his running mate, “every single one of the senior aides that she’s brought on board had prominent roles in Bush’s White House or on his campaigns, or both.”