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Media Blames Assad For Bombing Carried Out by Anti-Assad Terrorists

Reuters [1]
Friday, April 27, 2012

Comment: Notice that Assad’s government is blamed for the peace deal failing even though anti-Assad terrorists are behind the bombing.

Nine dead in Damascus suicide bomb: Syrian TV

BEIRUT (Reuters) – A suicide bomber killed nine people and wounded 20 outside a central Damascus mosque on Friday, Syrian state television said, in another blow to a peace plan that the United Nations says President Bashar al-Assad has failed to honor.

The blast ripped through worshippers at the Zain al-Abideen mosque, which was under heavy security for Friday prayers, often a launchpad for anti-Assad protests, opposition activists said. State media said security officials were among the wounded.

“We had been trying to go pray in the area but they stopped us at a checkpoint. Security weren’t letting us in because there are usually protests there,” one anti-Assad activist told Reuters in neighboring Lebanon.

“Then we heard the blast. It was so loud and then ambulances came rushing past us,” the activist added. “I could see a few body parts and pieces of flesh on the road. The front of a restaurant looked destroyed. People were screaming.”

Full story here. [1]