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Media Efforts To Connect Giffords Shooter To Right-Wing Fail: Loughner a Left-Wing Anarchist Sympathizer

Friends describe him as a “pot-smoking loner” who reads “Communist Manifesto” and “Mein Kampf”

KTLA [1]
Jan 10, 2011

TUSCON, Ariz ( KTLA) — Jared Lee Loughner, the alleged Tucson gunman, was described Saturday as a politically radical loner. Now an internet trail emerged in which he apparently railed against the US government and told friends: “Please don’t be mad at me”.

There are unconfirmed reports that 22 year old Jared Lee Loughner once met with Rep. Giffords in 2007. A former high school friend said that he had often talked about meeting and talking with the congresswoman.

Arizona court records show Loughner has twice been charged with previous offenses. The first, in October 2007, related to the possession of drug paraphernalia. It was unclear what the second, a year later, related to. Both charges were dismissed after Loughner completed a “diversion program”.

People who knew him described him as philosophical, a person who read a lot of books. On his YouTube page, Loughner listed among his favorite books¬†“The Communist Manifesto,”“Siddhartha,” “The Old Man And The Sea,” “Gulliver’s Travels,”¬†“Mein Kampf,” “The Republic” and “Meno.”

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