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Media in hysterics over ‘assault weapons’: BBC claims ‘modified semi-auto’ shoots 1,200 rounds — a minute!

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American Mirror
August 8, 2019

The recent mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton are reigniting demands from the left for a national ban on “assault weapons,” with the media and Democrat politicians working overtime to campaign for the cause.

The situation is to the point that some media outlets are reporting pure fantasy, while others are misleading the public about “assault weapons” with a narrative steeped in racism and ignorance.

“An actual graphic from @BBCNews,” Twitter user Rob recently posted, highlighting the hysteria.

The image showed several different types of guns and the purported “rounds per minute” they’re capable of firing. The news site alleged a revolver shoots up to 20 rounds per minute, a semi-automatic pistol shoots up to 50, and a semi-automatic assault rifle is capable of firing up to 120 rounds per minute.

BBC News also alleged a “modified semi-automatic assault weapon (AR-15)” can fire “up to 1,200” rounds per minute, while a fully automatic rifle shoots about 950 rounds per minute.

Folks with common sense quickly saw through the lies.

“This graphic is complete BS. It says a modified semi-automatic AR-15. That’s one hell of a modification if it shoots more rounds per minute than a full auto M-16,” Clint Bryant posted. “Whoever modified that semi auto needs a job at a military armory.”

“How is this real?” Stephen Gutowski questioned. “Everything about this graphic is complete nonsense. All semi-automatic firearms have effectively the same rate of fire: one round per every trigger pull. The same is true of revolvers as well.”

“The style of gun makes your finger go faster,” Sid Lozo added.

Others noted that firing 1,200 rounds through and AR-15, which would typically melt into a pile of metal after about 600 continuous rounds, would require the shooter to reload at least 40 times in less than a minute, while firing off 20 trigger pulls per second.

“I has a gun called a Supershooter 75 that does 50,000 depleted uranium rounds per nano second when I hit the hyper space button,” Rich Dineen mocked.

Rob noted that BBC later removed the graphic without explaining why, though he posted an archived version.

Of course the news station isn’t the only one making outlandish claims to sell the public on a so-called “assault weapon” ban.

CNN Politics posted this to Twitter Wednesday:

“Hate can pick up a state, hate can pick up a knife. But only an assault weapon can kill 22 people in a matter of minutes,” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says about President Trump’s comment that “mental illness and hatred pulls the trigger, not the gun.”

The comment is especially concerning coming from the governor of New York, where deranged Islamic terrorists killed thousands with no gun at all on September 11.

Folks online have shared numerous examples of similar media hysterics and misrepresentations about “assault weapons,” “assault rifles,” “fully semi-auto” and “military-style assault weapons of mass destruction” following shootings.

Others posted facts about how those efforts have worked out in other places, like Chicago and D.C. and Mexico, which have strict gun laws.

Regardless, Democrat presidential frontrunner and former vice president Joe Biden and many others on the left are demanding the government confiscate “assault weapons,” a term that’s not clearly defined. Many folks assume the ban would include any semi-automatic firearms that can shoot dozens of rounds in a minute, which would include the vast majority of guns and pistols in America.

Biden told CNN he’s promoting a “national buyback program” to get assault weapons “off the streets,” and he made no apologizes to legal gun owners concerned about the government coming for their guns.

“Bingo! You’re right, if you have an assault weapon,” Biden said, according to Fox News.

Meanwhile, it seems the folks pushing for a ban really have no idea what, exactly, an assault weapon really is.

This article was posted: Thursday, August 8, 2019 at 5:15 am

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