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MI5 agent says torture complicity ‘proper and lawful’

Inthenews.co.uk [1]
Wednesday, Feb 18, 2009

New allegations of complicity in torture have been levelled against the government amid claims Whitehall told MI5 agents they could question terror suspects they believed had been tortured by foreign security services.

Binyam Mohamed – the last British resident at Guantanamo Bay – is among a group of UK citizens and residents who claim to have been tortured in Pakistan by counterterrorism agents.

The allegations concern whether a formal policy was developed by lawyers and government officials in London which led to Britons being tortured by Pakistani authorities and questioned by UK security forces.



An MI5 agent, who can only be identified as Witness B, told the high court last year under cross-examination that he had questioned Mr Mohamed in Pakistan after his detention despite him being in an “extremely vulnerable position”.

He admitted to Mr Mohamed’s counsel Dinah Rose QC that he did not consider

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