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Michael Moore: Older Generation Who Didn’t Vote Obama Are Racist

Fox Nation [1]
Friday, January 13, 2012

From the Tavis Smiley Symposium on Poverty in America at Indiana University. Participants include Princeton professor Cornel West, TV host Suze Orman, filmmaker Michael Moore, and author Barbara Ehrenreich. Tavis Smiley moderates the discussion.


‘…and that’s younger people… because they are not as racist as the previous generations. I mean, can I just throw out just one stastic. The only white age group that President Obama won was 18-29 year olds. He lost every other white age group. So that may sound depressing. But the hopefull part is our young people they are going to fix this. You know this, our kids are not bigots they are not homophobes. They don’t look at things the way the parents and grandparents did