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Michael Moore: People Own Guns Because They’re Racists

Stephen Gutowski
Eyeblast [1]
Jan 19, 2011

Yes, this is in regards to the Arizona shootings but, to be fair to Michael Moore, he’s basically been saying this same thing his entire career. You can check out his full line of reasoning, if you can call it that, here [2]. But basically he starts off his brilliant diatribe by claiming that most guns in the US are in areas with very little gun violence. This is, of course, true [3]. However, Moore takes no time to stop and consider exactly why this is true.

You see, to Moore this is true simply because these areas are suburban or rural or something. I guess. He can’t fathom a connection between gun ownership by law abiding Americans and reduced crime rates. It’s astounding.

Anyway, pointing to the low crime rates Moore then asks why people in areas like Tucson want guns? After all these places with all these guns are super safe so why would you want to own such an incredibly dangerous thing like a gun in any of these completely safe areas with lots of guns since, you know, guns are crazy dangerous and stuff.

The answer to that incredibly astute question is this:

Yea, that’s right. If you own a gun its because you’re a racist who is scared a black person is going to break into your house and kill you.

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Also, and I’m not completely positive of this because the absurdity becomes very hard to follow after a while, the entire country likes to invade other countries because we hate black people or other minorities or something.

Yea… um, anyway, this line of “reasoning” isn’t really new for Moore. As I alluded to earlier he has been saying this basically his entire “career”. Here is a fun little clip from his first major craporama entitled “Bowling for Columbine:. He is a jackass:

No word yet from Moore on why law abiding minorities also want to own guns…