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Mike Huckabee: North Korea Sometimes Has ‘More Freedom’ Than The US

Business Insider [1]
April 13, 2014

Speaking at the conservative “Freedom Summit” in New Hampshire on Saturday [2], former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said he’s beginning to believe that there’s “more freedom in North Korea sometimes than there is in the United States.”

The quote — which the audience did not laugh at and didn’t appear to be a joke — was in reference to TSA patdowns and security procedures at the airport.

“When I go to the airport, I have to get in the surrender position,” Huckabee said while holding up his hands. “People put hands all over me. And I have to provide photo ID in a couple of different forms and prove that I really am not going to terrorize the airplane.”

“But if I want to go vote, I don’t need a thing,” he added, referencing Republican-led efforts to require government-issued identification [3] in order to vote, an effort Democrats have said would only suppress voting rights. [4]

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