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Milking the motorist: How speed cameras rake in £10,000 an HOUR from drivers

James Slack
UK Daily Mail [1]
Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Labour was last night accused of ‘milking the motorist’ after it emerged speed cameras are netting £10,000 for the Treasury every hour.

Home Office figures show the number of fixed penalty notices handed out for speeding has increased by 100 per cent in ten years.

The vast majority were given to drivers caught by speed cameras, of which there are now around 6,000.

The total cash raised by fining 1,462,235 speeding motorists was almost £88million in 2007 – compared to only £28.5million from 713,000 in 1997.



As well as presiding over a huge increase in the number of tickets, the current Government has also raised fines from £40 to £60. The total amount raised under Labour is a staggering £840million.

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Tory police spokesman David Ruffley, who compiled the figures, said: ‘Labour are milking the motorist, who have been treated as a cash cow for the last ten years.

‘Motorists have been milked by a Labour government desperate to fund a decade of spend, spend, spend.

‘No wonder cameras on our roads are so unpopular with the British motorist.’

Around 1.2million of the 1.462million tickets issued in 2007 went to drivers caught by speed cameras. The number of cameras has increased from 1,935 as recently as 2000, to around 6,000.

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