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Montana Legislation Would Allow Payments in Precious Metals

cryptogon.com [1]
Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This should be interesting to watch. We know what happens when individuals decide to use gold for financial transactions [2]. What will happen when a state allows it!?

Via: World Net Daily [3]:

A bill being considered in the Montana Legislature blasts the Federal Reserve’s role in America’s money policy and permits the state to conduct business in gold and silver instead of the Fed’s legal tender notes.

Montana H.B. 639, sponsored by State Rep. Bob Wagner, R-Harrison, doesn’t require the state or citizens to conduct business in gold or silver, but it does require the state to calculate certain transactions in both the current legal tender system and in an electronic gold currency. It further mandates that the state must accept payments in gold or silver for various fees and purchases.

While Wagner was unavailable for comment, the bill’s language clearly alleges the nation’s current financial system, with its reliance on the private Federal Reserve system for money supply, is a danger to American freedom.

Full article here [1]