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Moon could hold water for lunar base, say scientists

Sarah Knapton
London Telegraph [1]
Thursday, Dec 18, 2008

Craters on the Moon could hold ice to provide astronauts with a crucial water supply and make a lunar base possible.

Scientists believe lunar ice could be hidden in the Moon’s polar craters which are untouched by the sun’s rays.

The findings mean the moon could provide a source of water for astronauts using the satellite as a base for further exploration of the solar system.

Doctor Vincent Eke of the Institute of Computational Cosmology at Durham University analysed data from a space probe sent to the moon by NASA in 1998.


They found high concentrations of hydrogen in polar craters, where temperatures drop to lower than minus 338 degrees Farenheight – 170 degrees Celsius.

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The hydrogen could have combined with oxygen present in moon rock to make water.

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