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More Broken Promises: Obama’s Military Commissions, Detainee Photos Betrayal

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Kurt Nimmo
May 14, 2009

According to Evan Perez of the Wall Street Journal, the Obama administration is in the process of retooling military commission trials that were conducted for prisoners held in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Perez reports that Obama is struggling “to establish his counter-terrorism policies, balancing security concerns against attempts to alter Bush-administration practices he has harshly criticized.”


During the election, Obama said Guantanamo should be closed and habeas corpus restored for the detainees. He said the United States should have “developed a real military system of justice that would sort out the suspected terrorists from the accidentally accused.”

In fact, Obama never seriously considered substantially modifying policies of the previous administration, as is now obvious. His opposition to the “counter-terrorism” policies of the Bush neocons during the election was little more than posturing intended to bamboozle anti-war Democrats and those outraged by human rights abuses. Obama continued the policies of his predecessor after the election, much to the chagrin of Democrats and self-described progressives who bought into his “change” rhetoric.

Obama’s version of military commission trials will call for indefinite detentions with the imprimatur of some type of national-security court. This is a far cry from his promise to restore habeas corpus to the detainees. “This is a difficult question. How do you hold someone in prison without a trial indefinitely?” mused South Carolina Republican and neocon Sen. Lindsay Graham, who has attended meetings on the issue with White House Counsel Greg Craig.

In addition to the announced continuation of the illegal military commission trials — in violation of the Geneva Conventions — Obama has reversed his announced decision to release photos showing abuse of prisoners at U.S. military facilities in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama said the reason for the reversal was due to his belief that releasing the photographs would endanger U.S. troops and “further inflame anti-American opinion,” according to the New York Times. Obama has bowed to the Pentagon which had fought tooth and nail against releasing the photographs.

The decision to release the photographs came after an ACLU lawsuit prevailed at the Federal District Court level and before a panel of the Second Circuit.


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Criticism of the planned release came from both Republicans and Democrats. Last month, Senate foreign relations committee chairman, CFR and Skull and Bones member John Kerry said he was concerned the release of photos depicting the abusive treatment of detainees illegally held by the U.S. could become “propaganda tool” for terrorist organizations. Kerry stressed that “this didn’t happen under Obama, it happened under Bush and every one understands that.”


Increasingly, every one — including previously mesmerized Democrats — are beginning to understand there is little difference between the Bush and Obama administrations in regard to the twin occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan (thus far resulting in the murder of over a million people), torture, and the secret military trials of abducted foreign nationals.

The seamless transition between administrations — a seamless continuation of war crimes and crimes against humanity — should come as no surprise to those who bothered to pay attention and were not mesmerized by facile and completely disingenuous election season rhetoric and silly mantras promising change.

As Max Blunt eloquently put it during the rigged dog and pony show known as the U.S. election cycle, Obama repeatedly expressed a “deep willingness to obsequiously kiss the ring of dominant political and economic authority.” In fact, the elite — through New World Order doyen and Rockefeller minion Zbigniew Brzezinski — groomed Obama specifically for the job. He is a creature of Goldman Sachs, UBS AG, Lehman Brothers, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, and the rest and their order out of chaos agenda.

It remains to be seen if Democrats and the fawning legions of “yes we can” zombies will come around the next time the elite hold a so-called election in a little over three and a half years.

In the meantime, we can expect our rulers to continue building their high-tech control grid in incremental but steady fashion. It really is irrelevant what front man is in office because the global elite are itching to impose martial law and a military dictatorship in response to the next Hegelian dialect false flag attack or full-blown designer pathogen pandemic now promised to hit this coming autumn and winter.

This article was posted: Thursday, May 14, 2009 at 3:21 am

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