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More Kids Sleep With TV, Study Finds

Rachel Emma Silverman
Wall St Journal [1]
October 28, 2011

Last week, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued guidelines [2] affirming its position that children under age two avoid screen time, including programs watched on TVs, computers or smartphones.

Of course, despite the recommendations, many young children still spend a lot of time in front of screens. But how much?

Common Sense Media [3], a nonprofit that studies media, set out to analyze how young people spend their screen time. The group surveyed nearly 1,400 parents and in a new report [3], found that kids from birth to age eight spend an average of 1.44 hours watching TV or videos in a typical day, compared to just under a half-hour reading, listening to music or playing video games.

Among infants, some 47% of babies up to age one watch TV or DVDs, and those who do spend an average of nearly two hours a day doing so. (Among all kids in that age group, children are read to an average of just 23 minutes a day.)

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