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Most Brits Say Police Have Lost Control, Blame Political Correctness

Breitbart [1]
July 17, 2018

Over half of people in the United Kingdom believe the police have lost control of the streets, a shock poll commissioned by a national newspaper has revealed.

The survey  [2]shows that 57 percent of respondents think the control of whole areas has been surrendered by officers to criminals who have lost the fear of being brought to justice.

And as a crime wave [3] sweeps the nation, most dramatically [4] in London, almost a quarter of people asked in the Daily Mail poll do not feel safe to walk around their neighbourhood at night, the poll revealed.

It also showed that 51 percent of people questioned who had been a victim of crime in the past two years claim officers did not bother visiting their home and 30 percent were told to find evidence themselves.

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