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Mother who smacked her son with hairbrush in a ‘moment of madness’ is forced to give him up to social services

Luke Salkeld
Daily Mail [1]
Thursday, April 9, 2009

A mother who smacked her son with a hairbrush in a ‘moment of madness’ when he refused to get ready for school has been forced to give him up to social services.

The woman, aged in her early 40s, said she ‘saw red’ when the rebellious youngster would not dress himself in the morning.

She was holding a hairbrush at the time and struck him twice on the shoulder in a desperate bid to to hurry him up.

The woman immediately apologised but her fit of frustration landed her in court after a teacher spotted the lad in the pain and informed child protection officers.



The boy was taken into emergency foster care – and the mother was hauled before magistrates for assault.

She is now allowed to see her son for only two hours per week after pleading guilty to assault by beating.

South Somerset Magistrates Court heard the woman, from Yeovil, Somerset., wanted her son to look ‘perfect’ for school.

Judy Morris, prosecuting, said: ‘The teacher said the boy appeared to be happy, but said his shoulder hurt and when interviewed on video said he had got up late and his mum was angry and sad.

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