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Mr. Tea Party Wants a Balanced Budget Amendment

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Kurt Nimmo
July 31, 2011

Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina calls himself Mr. Tea Party. He is calling for a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget.

Both Democrats and Republicans find DeMint’s solution to the debt perplexing and dangerous. He would let the government run out of money on August 2.

The establishment Tea Party DeMint supposedly heads up – now that Sarah Palin is busy making reality television shows – is pushing the “Cut, Cap, Balance Pledge” that opposes any debt limit increase.

You’d think the Tea Party would oppose raising taxes, but the pledge declares that Congress can do this if it gets a “super-majority.” In the Senate, that’s a three-fifths majority. Getting this should be a piece of cake, especially if the president gets up and reads a teleprompter screen declaring some sort of threat against American freedom lovers, like Bush did in 2001.

The hijacked and rebranded Tea Party is not opposed to taxes. They just want to make it more difficult for the government to steal your hard-earned money.

They have sacred cows when it comes to cutting the budget. “I am very, very strongly opposed to DoD cuts,” said Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips in February. “DoD has been cut far too much and we have a dangerous world out there.”

Tea Party Nation is the neocon version of libertarianism. It is aligned with the American Enterprise Institute, the folks who brought us the Iraq “war” and a million plus dead Iraqis. Incidentally, Mr. Tea Party voted to invade Iraq.

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Last year, the AEI and other groups that support the neocon Tea Party attacked military spending “myths,” for instance how much the United States spends on the military. They claim the Pentagon only spends a fifth of the budget.

Others insist it is well over half of the budget.

Republicans will never cut defense and they will not endorse a constitutional amendment for a balanced budget. They may make token cuts to Medicare and will probably push the age for Social Security to 70 now that millions of baby boomers are retiring, but they will never cut the defense budget (actually a budget for attacking small defenseless countries).

The Republicans “Pledge to America” campaign manifesto released last autumn specificallyexempted defense, homeland security and veterans’ programs from spending cuts.

Even if DeMint’s constitutional amendment gained the two-thirds required and passed, it would not work because it does not address the real issue – fiat money printed out of thin air and controlled by the Federal Reserve. If the bankers and their careerist grocery clerks in the Senate and the House remain in power, nothing will change.

DeMint’s amendment says nothing about the limits the founders placed on government. It will transfer even more power to the executive. “The balanced budget amendment will transfer [power of the purse] power to the President, giving the President the power to budget and tax, blurring the separation of powers the founders wisely gave us,” notes Mark Carroll.

The real danger is the prospect of a constitutional convention. “If the Cut, Cap and Balance bill is passed and Obama vetoes it, expect renewed fervor for a Constitutional Convention. If that happens, there is no way to limit the purpose of the Convention to a balanced budget amendment, and we will finally lose the Constitution once and for all. It’s how we got our Constitution in the first place – the founders tossed out the Articles of Confederation when the states’ representatives were only authorized to amend them,” writes Carroll.

Our only hope is a Ron Paul presidency. Paul is the only member of Congress who fully supports the Constitution and is calling for the elimination of the Federal Reserve. If international bankers continue to control our currency, we can expect to become just another third world nation on the IMF dole — and sooner before later.

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This article was posted: Sunday, July 31, 2011 at 6:24 am

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