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MSNBC’s Finney rips ‘crazy crackers on the right’ for ‘very hateful language’ [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor
Daily Caller [1]
Jan 30, 2013

On Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “NOW w/Alex Wagner,” network contributor and former DNC communications director Karen Finney used coarse language to describe factions within the Republican Party that might challenge bipartisan efforts to reform immigration — then urged Republicans to keep their “hateful” tone in check.

“We had evangelical Latinos wanting to meet with Howard Dean at the DNC,” Finney said. “That’s a shift, right? We saw in droves the Latino community moving over to the Democratic Party largely because of the tone. Even Republicans in the Republican Party who were Latino [were] just disgusted with the tone. Those crazy crackers on the right — if they start with their very hateful language — that is going to kill them in the same way that they learned, at their little retreat, let’s not talking about rape.”

Finney later tweeted [2] that she had used “crackers” simply as another term for “crazy” — not a racial epithet.

During the 2012 Republican nomination contest, Finney suggested [3] that then-candidate Herman Cain would have some problems with his sexual harassment allegations because his accuser was a white women.

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