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MSNBC: ‘Dangerous’ for Trump to Tout Stock Rise, Must ‘Own the Fall’

Newsbusters [1]
February 7, 2018

Throughout the day on Tuesday, MSNBC’s anchors and correspondents lectured President Trump on the perils of touting a surging stock market, in the wake of Monday’s losses. However, all of the journalists at the liberal cable channel seemed to forget how often Barack Obama similarly took credit for stocks being on the rise during his administration.

During her 9:00 a.m. ET hour show, host Stephanie Ruhle warned: “The sell-off on Wall Street is posing a real issue for Donald Trump. Remember, this guy and his entire administration has spent the last year cheerleading the markets, cheerleading. That is dangerous behavior.” Moments later, she added: “President Trump and his daughter and Steve Mnuchin have taken – have hung their hat on these markets every day possible…. How can they possibly walk away from this?”

Correspondent Peter Alexander piled on: “Yeah, Stephanie, I think you’re exactly right….This, though, is teaching this White House a very tough lesson that what goes up can come back down….he’s repeatedly claimed the rise, but so far, he is not owning the fall.”

In the next hour, anchor Hallie Jackson declared: “You know the President loves talking stocks….Of course, the risk? If you take credit for the wins, you might politically own the losses.” White House Correspondent Geoff Bennett doubled down:

So of course, the political challenge for the White House of course is trying to distance the President from the decline in the market, because as that montage you just played showed, the President has been quick to claim credit for the stock market on its good days. And as you point out, if you claim the rise, you own the fall.

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