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MSNBC Host: Democrats Must Maintain ‘Sustained Deranged Delegitimization’ Of Trump

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Says only way back into power is to act crazy

Steve Watson
Prison Planet.com
December 22, 2016

As MSNBC continues to whine and cry over Donald Trump being democratically elected as President, host Chris Hayes shared an idea that he seems to believe is justifiably valid – he wants the left to say the most ‘deranged’ things imaginable in an effort to delegitimize Trump.

“I remember covering the Tea Party and people thought wow, those people are losing their minds.” Hayes stated.

“They are screaming at people at rallies, and I remember covering birtherism, and thinking this is deranged, this is a deranged theory that is being promoted by a con-artist and huge parts of the Republican base are going for it.” the host continued.

“They’re flirting with it, [Trump’s] going to get the Mitt Romney endorsement and show up at CPAC. This is a group of people losing their mind.” Hayes urged, going on to explain why he thinks Democrats should go nuts on Trump.

“It turns out that was incredibly politically effective. Isn’t the answer here that sustained efforts at total delegitimization, no matter how deranged, is actually the path back to power?” Hayes posited.

It certainly seems that many on the left have already adopted this approach. Indeed, Hillary Clinton adopted it before the election even took place, saying that Trump was in bed with Russia, and that was surreptitiously working for Vladimir Putin.

The derangement has only snowballed from there, further blaming Russia for ‘hacking’ the election, even though there is no evidence to back the claim up, accusing the FBI of having an agenda against Clinton just for doing its job, claiming that ‘fake news’ got Trump elected and that everything needs to be fact checked by corporate social media overlords.

Hillary Clinton is privately telling those who donated to her campaign that the FBI cost her the election, and that Putin hacked the DNC because he has ‘personal beef’ with her. Meanwhile, Bill Clinton is saying the exact same thing to anyone he bumps into.

At the most deranged end of the scale are people like Michael Moore, who offered to pay GOP electors to vote against the will of the people and prevent Trump’s victory being made official.

When that failed, Moore tweeted out that the electoral college is a ‘racist idea,’ that allowed a racist candidate to win, and then asked for fresh approaches of how to delegitimize Trump and prevent him taking office:

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Washed up newsman Keith Olbermann is also bringing the crazy, suggesting that the “resistance” should delegitimize Trump every day by refusing to call him President.

“Never address Trump as President. He is Trump. Just Trump. Never president. The title of President, that we must protect for a happier and more honest time. Resistance means refusal. Resist! Peace.” Olbermann states in a GQ produced piece of propaganda.

“Resistance means find a Trump supporter everyday and remind them he lost the popular vote,” Olbermann also said.

As both Kellyanne Conway and Reince Priebus have noted, an active delegitimization campaign against Trump is being pushed by Democrats.

“The professional political left is attempting to foment a permanent opposition that is corrosive to our constitutional democracy,” Donald Trump’s campaign manager told the New York Times Monday. “The left is trying to delegitimize his election … They’re trying to deny him what he just earned.”

“The reality of all of this and all of these players that are spinning these reports are doing it for a political purpose, which is to delegitimize the outcome of the election,” Priebus has noted.

“Of course we didn’t interface with the Russians — this whole thing is a spin job,” Priebus said. “I think what the Democrats ought to do is look in the mirror and face the reality that they lost the election.”

“Their intent to try to rewrite the history books is super obvious,” notes Chip Englander, a Chicago-based Republican consultant who ran Rand Paul’s 2016 presidential campaign. “The history books are not written by losers. [Hillary] lost the election because she broke the law and didn’t bother to campaign in swing states. She’s got nobody to blame but herself.”

This article was posted: Thursday, December 22, 2016 at 12:15 pm

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