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Muslim Parents Complain Their Children Should Be Exempt from Exams During Ramadan

Breitbart [1]
May 21, 2018

Parents of Muslim pupils in Germany have complained that their children should not have to take part in any exams due to the stress placed on them by fasting during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

President of the German Teachers’ Association Heinz-Peter Meidinger has complained that Ramadan fasting has caused several problems with Muslim parents including many being “exhausted” due to fasting, Kronen Zeitung reports [2].

The issues have affected many schools in Berlin because of the high numbers [3] of migrant-background students with Meidinger claiming that parents have specifically requested that their children not be made to take any sort of examination during the Islamic holy month.

“A lot of students take the fast very seriously now,” Meidinger said.

Family Minister Franziska Giffey, of the Social Democrats, said that fasting should not be a focus for children saying: “Children have to drink and eat regularly, otherwise they can no longer follow lessons attentively.”

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