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Natural News calls for arrest and prosecution of Connecticut lawmakers who vote for unconstitutional gun control restrictions

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Mike Adams
Natural News
April 3, 2013

The defense of the Bill of Rights will not be achieved by lying down and remaining passive. Freedom-hating gun grabbers have conspired in Connecticut to criminalize millions of law-abiding gun owners unless they submit to being fingerprinted and tracked in a government database like sex offenders.

Such infringements are, of course, illegal in America. By definition, Connecticut lawmakers who vote for the bill are criminals and traitors to the people of Connecticut and must be arrested and granted a trial by jury to determine their innocence or guilt in violating their own sworn oaths of office.

Connecticut democrats and republicans alike have reportedly agreed on an illegal gun control law that would outlaw the sale of any magazines carrying over 10 rounds while forcing the registration of existing magazines. The law would fingerprint gun owners and require them to apply for an “ammunition eligibility certificate” before they can purchase ammo. The government can, of course, simply deny such a certificate to anyone it wants.

In addition, the Connecticut law requires all firearms with just one named “feature” (such as a pistol grip) to be registered with the government. Over 100 additional firearms are criminalized. Essentially, the Connecticut law is radically unconstitutional and would instantly transform millions of law-abiding citizens into outright criminals.

The Connecticut Citizens Defense League is organizing resistance to the bill, and peaceful protests are planned. Here at Natural News, we fully support peaceful protests in order to prevent the kind of violent response that was ultimately needed as a last resort in 1776 (i.e. shooting tyrants dead because all other options have been exhausted).

It’s not enough to defeat the bill; it’s time to start arresting lawmakers

The point in all this is that it’s not enough to try to defeat the bill or have it declared unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court. What’s happening in Connecticut is that the lawmakers are themselves criminals who must be arrested, possibly by local sheriff’s deputies.

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These Connecticut lawmakers have abandoned their sworn oaths of office, all of which include language to “protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.” But it is now clear they are the enemies referred to in that very oath! A warning to Connecticut lawmakersBy signing this bill, you are putting your name on a list of criminal traitorsto the people of Connecticut. Be warned that you may be subject to arrest under existing state and federal law. Sweeping arrests would be fully justified, both morally and legally.

Connecticut follows in the footsteps of Hitler

The only truly legitimate function of government is, of course, to protect the rights of the People. It is not the government’s right nor moral place to decide where and when citizens are “granted” their rights by the government. The very concept of an “ammunition eligibility certificate” is elitist and historically dangerous, resembling Hitler’s gun control laws of the 1930’s that stripped firearms away from the Jews.

Every government that intends to engage in widespread corruption, criminality and even genocide must first disarm its citizens. If they cannot be disarmed, they must be tracked, registered and fingerprinted. This is now exactly what’s happening in Connecticut, where the only citizen tolerated by the state government will be adisarmed slave citizen who has no power to fight back against corruption and lawlessness.

Remember, any government that claims the right to decide who can buy ammunition — or that creates a “sex offender” registry of gun owners — is a state that is openly engaged in a criminal violation of the Bill of Rights. It is a crime against humanity to strip a law-abiding citizen of the right to self defense. Gun registration leads to gun confiscation, and gun confiscation leads to tyranny.

Why we must start publishing “arrest lists” of lawmakers who vote to oppress liberty in America

When lawmakers vote for unconstitutional gun restrictions, their names should be added to a list of arrest targets. Rather than a list of gun owners, what we really need is a list of all the criminal lawmakers who vote to destroy the Bill of Rights and strip citizens of their freedoms. Such lists should be publicly displayed for all to see.

Natural News intends to publish the list of every Connecticut lawmaker who ultimately votes for this bill, along with a banner that reads “WANTED for crimes against America.”

Remember when George Bush said we are under attack by Al-Qaeda because “they hate freedom?” Well apparently Connecticut lawmakers hate it even more. They have managed to be even more effective than terrorists in stripping away the freedoms upon which America was founded. Perhaps the state should be renamed “Al-Qaennecticut.”

Call for gun owners to leave Connecticut and bring your guns to Texas

For all those gun owners who currently live in Connecticut and are about to be fingerprinted, registered and labeled criminals, I urge you to pack up your guns and move to Texas.

Texas welcomes you and your rifle. Bring your ammo, too. And once you get to Texas, buy more guns and ammo to add to your supplies. It’s all perfectly legal here, assuming you have no felony record. Get your concealed carry license and start carrying a pistol like everyone else. In Texas, you can carry a loaded gun inside the airport and even inside the state capitol building. (I do it all the time.) There are never shootings in such places because shooters know they would be instantly killed by all the armed Texas citizens walking around.

Come to Texas and join one of the safest and most free states in the country, where home invasions are extremely rare and local sheriffs rightly encourage everyone to be armed.

Because consider this: If Connecticut lawmakers can blame YOU for the Sandy Hook shooting, even though you weren’t even there and had nothing to do with it, they can blame you for anything! If some wild psycho assassinates a high-level official with a bolt-action rifle, they will blame YOU for owning a bolt-action rifle. If a state lawmaker gets chopped to pieces by a psycho with a machete, they will blame all machete owners! No matter what goes down with a gun, they’re going to blame you because you own a gun, too.

It’s like blaming all Ford truck owners for one hit-and-run fatality caused by a Ford truck. It defies all logic. How is the owner of one piece of hardware responsible for the crimes committed by someone else using a similar piece of hardware? Over 32,000 Americans are killed each year by automobiles, yet there is absolutely no talk about “banning cars and trucks” in order to save those lives.

That’s because, of course, gun control isn’t about “saving lives.” It’s about concentrating control in the hands of the government. Now, Connecticut has decided it wants to march down the path of tyranny and citizen disarmament, tracking and criminalizing anyone who exercises their guaranteed rights under the Bill of Rights.

Folks, it’s time to vote with your feet. Get the heck out of Connecticut before they throw you in the slammer. Most importantly, get your children out of Connecticut public schools which remain shooting galleries for psychos, just as planned by the government. Realize that government LOVES IT when children are slaughtered in schools because they score political points in the aftermath. That’s what “gun free zone” were all about in the first place: Making sure mind-controlled psychopaths know where to get to rack up the greatest body count with the least amount of armed resistance.

This article was posted: Wednesday, April 3, 2013 at 4:09 am

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