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“Nazi Youth” Crashes Santa Fe Tea Party

More infiltrators and provocateurs in action during tax day protests

Steve Watson
Prisonplanet.com [1]
Friday, April 16th, 2010

Although hundreds of residents of Santa Fe, New Mexico turned out at the state capital’s historic Plaza for a Tea Party rally on Tax day, the media were taken with a group of young protesters branding themselves “Nazi Youth”.

The New Mexico Independent [2] reports:

While speaking about voter fraud, Jared Hamilton pointed out a group of teenagers and 20-somethings near the back of the crowd and announced from the gazebo that “the Hitler Youth back there aren’t with us,” adding that “everyone should know that, especially the media.” The young people, whose mocking signs (“Go home old rich white people” and “Nazi youth for lower taxes”) mugged for the camera.

So, the message is that if you don’t agree 100% with Obama’s monumental tax hikes [3], and you’re for lower taxes, then you’re with the Hitler Youth.

As for the second sign, I’m not entirely sure why Nazis would want old rich white people to go home.

So hardcore were these young Nazis, that they failed to orient their swastikas correctly.

OK, clearly these youths are not Nazis. However, this incident provides a stark reminder of how such infiltrators are providing the corporate media, and the Democratic leadership [4] for that matter, with fodder for their slurs and attacks [5] on legitimate grass roots activism.

In the lead up to yesterday’s protests we exposed how provocateurs openly announced plans [6] to pose as Tea Party supporters and then carry out shameful acts in order to damage the wider public opinion of them.

Thankfully there were no major reports of violence, however, it seems the infiltrators were still out in force.

Take the following attendee to a Tea Party event in St Louis yesterday who was confronted and exposed by legitimate protesters:

Of course, you are supposed to believe that the Tea Parties are overflowing with Nazis and racists, no matter how often the media FAILS to convince you [7].