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Neo-Con Revenge: Post-Election ‘Attack Iran’ Machine on Overdrive

Daniel McAdams
Lew Rockwell Blog [1]
Nov 9, 2012

US sends drone to spy on Iran, as it has done continuously [2] for years, no doubt collecting targeting data to assist in US/Israeli attack on Iran. Iran reportedly fires at drone [3] gathering targeting data to assist US in bombing Iran. US astonished at Iran’s “aggression” toward US drone gathering intelligence to assist a US attack on Iran.

“‘There is absolutely no precedence for this,’ [Pentagon spokesman George] Little said. ‘This is the first time that a (drone) has been fired upon to our knowledge by Iranian aircraft.'”

US shocked that the Iranians would have the gall to respond to US hostile gestures in the region. Oh but it was in international waters!

Imagine the US response to an Iranian drone operating in international Gulf of Mexico waters off of Florida.

What does it all call to mind? Remember the pre-Iraq war times, when neo-cons ridiculed Ron Paul and others pointing that Iraq had not attacked us by screaming “OF COURSE they attacked us! They fired on our planes as we were bombing their country [4]!” This is recycled propaganda — but it works so well why not use it again?

The neo-cons and their partner Netanyahu went all out for Romney to guarantee a US led or at least assisted attack on Iran. The American electorate voted for the other guy. Now it is time for neo-con and Bibi’s revenge, delivered by an obedient media. Will the administration swallow the bait, delivered breathlessly by FoxNews airheads?