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Neo-Cons Recycle Iran “EMP Attack” Fraud

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Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Neo-Con news outlets are busy recycling a debunked 2005 report that stated Iran could be planning to detonate deadly EMP bombs above American cities, presumably in the belief that the public will now believe the same snake oil salesmen that pushed non-existent weapons of mass destruction and Saddam’s mythical biological drone armies as reasons to invade Iraq in 2003.

“More than four years after a stunning report about America’s vulnerability to a nuclear electromagnetic pulse attack was released to Congress, the House Armed Services Committee will hear testimony from the scientist who issued the warning and who believes Iran is pursuing such an option,” reports World Net Daily.

William R. Graham, chairman of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack, will present an updated brief to the House Armed Services Committee on Thursday, during which he will push the notion that Iran, in addition to its non-existent nuclear weapons program which last year’s NIE clearly stated had ended in 2003, is still pursuing the production of an EMP weapon.


“Briefly, a single nuclear weapon exploded at high altitude above the United States will interact with the Earth’s atmosphere, ionosphere and magnetic field to produce an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) radiation down to the Earth and additionally create electrical currents in the Earth,” states the 2005 report.

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“Few if any people would die right away. But the loss of power would have a cascading effect on all aspects of U.S. society. Communication would be largely impossible. Lack of refrigeration would leave food rotting in warehouses, exacerbated by a lack of transportation as those vehicles still working simply ran out of gas (which is pumped with electricity). The inability to sanitize and distribute water would quickly threaten public health, not to mention the safety of anyone in the path of the inevitable fires, which would rage unchecked. And as we have seen in areas of natural and other disasters, such circumstances often result in a fairly rapid breakdown of social order.”

If anything of this nature were to happen then the very Neo-Cons that are yearning to stage a false flag event in order to justify a military attack on Iran would be the primary suspects.

Despite the fact that every independent observer agrees that Iran is not involved in nuclear weapons production, including the IAEA and the National Intelligence Estimate, which stated that Iran halted any effort towards nuclear weapons production in 2003, the same liars that sold a war based on non-existent “weapons of mass destruction” are hoping we are going to buy their bullshit one more time.

The EMP fraud is merely the updated version of Saddam’s deadly biological UAV drones that we were warned would disperse terror over American cities during the propaganda build-up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

At the time, Fox News told us that, “Iraq could be planning a chemical or biological attack on American cities through the use of remote-controlled “drone” planes equipped with GPS tracking maps, according to U.S. intelligence.”

Iraq didn’t even have an air force that could attack neighboring countries never mind elsewhere. Photographs of the alleged drones showed model kit toy aircraft that looked about as convincing as paper aeroplanes.

Saddam’s deadly bio-weapon drones or a Hobbycraft box kit?

Fox carried the disclaimer that there was “no proof” to validate the story but being the boot-licking establishment mouthpiece that they are decided to run it anyway. The Washington Post later reported that the drones were never built and the only aircraft similar in nature were capable of traveling no more than 93 miles. The distance between America and Iraq is roughly 7,000 miles.

But in 2003 it was reported as a credible threat and now in 2008 the fog of war again shrouds what any rational thinking person can deduce as a total scam.

Why would Iran proactively target the U.S. and bring the might of the new world empire down upon them with, creating the complete justification for its own annihilation? It would be insanely suicidal.

If anyone is likely to detonate an EMP bomb then the most likely culprit is the U.S. government, for whom William R. Graham helped develop the technology as far back as the 60’s.

Evidence strongly suggests that the 2003 East coast blackout was a military test utilizing EMP technology.

It is known HAARP was turned on at 4pm on August 14th, just 11 minutes before the blackout occurred. Military drill Determined Promise ’03 was announced just one day before the blackout and Canada militarized its border just three hours before the blackout for no apparent reason.

Was this a dry run to test how Americans would react in case of a staged EMP attack blamed on Iran? If so, the results would have been somewhat disappointing. Riots and looting were minimal but we have to remember that the period of time citizens went without power was sparse when compared to the deliberately botched Hurricane Katrina debacle.

Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. We are being asked to believe the same incredulous lies from the same crowd of tricksters and scam artists that used weapons of mass deception to lead us into a deliberate quagmire that has killed thousands of troops and hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis, not counting the near million dead Iraqis as a result of sanctions.

The juggernaut of war seems to care little for public opinion as the unceasing propaganda in preparation for tactical strikes on Iran’s nuclear power facilities builds to a crescendo.

This article was posted: Tuesday, July 8, 2008 at 1:10 pm

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