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NEOCON GUERRILLA’S IN THE MIDST: Glenn Beck’s Take-down of Debra Medina

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NYC Consigliere’s Corner
Friday, February 12, 2010

“The most important political office is that of the private citizen”
Justice Louis D. Brandeis

Were it not clear before yesterday in the manner which Glenn Beck sandbagged and set a trap for surging Texas gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina who was rising in the polls and closing in on establishment insiders Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchinson, it should be clear now that Glenn Beck is an inside job, an establishment status quo shill masquerading and posing as a revolutionary. His job is to obfuscate the truth, to serve as an outlet for the supremely misguided and ill informed in America, a master manipulator, a minister of disinformation and propaganda telling authorized truths as a card carrying member of America’s propaganda matrix.

The original Tea Party Movement which coalesced around the candidacy of Ron Paul was hijacked and infiltrated by Neocon’s who have built a front around Republican Establishment insiders and put forth folks like Sarah Palin, Rick Perry et al etc. who are not Tea Party Constitutionalists to distract the original goals of the movement to lead it down a path of irrational behavior which can easily be discredited. You can thank Palin’s sponsor, William H. Kristol of The Weekly Standard and one of the principal co-founders of The Project for the New American Century (“PNAC”) for the rise of an agent of distraction in the form of Sarah Palin. While he lurks in the shadows his puppets do the work of diluting, discrediting the truly independent voices representing the heart and soul of America, voices like Debra Medina who is the Tea Party candidate for Governor in Texas. Beck’s antics or so called “mad genius” may have thrown a monkey wrench into the candidacy of Debra Medina, if only because from Beck operates from the confines of a more powerful platform than any one candidate. Until 9/11 the McCarthy era was a period of history that I understood only from history books, the History Channel and Hollywood movies. It was a period of American history that seemed so unbelievable and unlikely to ever happen again, given the lessons one would assume that we would have learned from it. That is until a new McCarthyism was ushered in during the Bush/Cheney era and has continued to this day by folks like Glenn Beck.

In the wake of 9/11, members of the America’s Executive Branch of government did not come clean and level with the American people despite legitimate questions posed repeatedly by citizens groups demanding answers. The 9/11 Commission was stonewalled, their investigation obstructed by Bush Administration officials who even attempted initially to undermine the credibility and fact finding mission of the 9/11 commission by stacking it with Bush Administration cronies with conflicts of interest. Thus, at best it is an incomplete summary of the underlying facts of 9/11. Legitimate inquiries of Congress were ignored. Conflicting analysis by highly credible sources including professionals, architects & engineers, professors, scholars, scientists, pilots and aviation professionals, military, intelligence, law enforcement and government officials, has been ridiculed and dismissed as anti-American Conspiracy theories presented by folks who were either crackpots, mentally unstable or anti-American. Truth is that It is hardly a fringe movement. In many polls both of New York residents, American citizens as well as serious analysts inside and outside America, it became clear that the official 9/11 story was factually incomplete and in fact would take an even greater conspiracy theory to accept the facts as explained in the original story at face value. The 9/11 Truth Movement grew in the vacuum of information or lack thereof. Marginalizing the dissent and ridiculing folks for ask questions is only bringing America closer to the brink of a revolution.

Discussing 9/11 has become the third rail of American politics routinely used to discredit, marginalize and taint otherwise responsible citizens who are Patriotic Americans who dare ask for more information from their leaders. That is wrong and that is what is truly most Un-American, that so many thoughtful people who have asked legitimate questions have had their Patriotism not only questioned but have lost their jobs, their standing in society all while these shills like Glenn Beck seem capable of analyzing every other aspect of American history in depth, equating the rise of the Progressive Movement with Communism and Socialism but for some reason the one aspect of history which remains untouchable despite so many evidentiary blind spots is 9/11.

Almost 40 years after the JFK Assassination a wide cross section of Americans of every socioeconomic group and educational level doubts the official story. Is our Government going to wait for 40-50 years and the death of those who could be subpoenaed today to answer questions before allowing the lid to come off? If the official story is the truth then it should be able to withstand legitimate and substantive scientific evidentiary inquiry rather than having a republic of Benedict Arnolds at the top holding back and labeling the Patriotic as anti American who dare ask questions about the holes in the official story.

Glenn Beck, you SOB. Can you hear me now? While your act may get you ratings and line your pockets, you deserve to be lynched for Treason and I and every other hard working American deserve to live in a country where we are not subjected to a litmus test for patriotism by McCarthyites selling authorized truths while pulling down 7 figures, ($18 Million) as the Misinformer of the Year. The truth is that America needs more independent voices like those of Debra Medina.

Epilogue: As reported by Paul Joseph Watson on PrisonPlanet.com: “Manufactured Controversy Backfires As Vast Majority Back Medina, Attack Beck.”

This article was posted: Friday, February 12, 2010 at 1:57 pm

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