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Net Closing on Bilderberg


Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker closes the net to find the lair selected by the clandestine Bilderberg gang for their year 2002 conclave. AFP will keep you advised of the hunt for these quasi-official schemers, muggers and global planners.


Exclusive to American Free Press

By James P. Tucker Jr.


A source inside Bilderberg has revealed that its annual secret meeting of fat cats, global power elite and top officials will be held this spring somewhere in the United States.

Bilderberg is composed of 120 international financiers and political leaders and has met secretly under that name since 1954. Long-time powers in Bilderberg include the Rockefellers of America and the Rothschilds of Britain and Europe.

The Bilderberg source’s personal view is that the secret international elite has done “horrible things to mankind” and the meetings ought to be public.

For decades, Bilderberg denied its very existence when only the court-killed Liberty Lobby and its newspaper, The Spotlight, rooted out this global intrigue. This reporter has pursued Bilderberg all over Europe and North America for 25 years, first for The Spotlight and now American Free Press.

During those years, shocking revelations about Bilderberg’s global agenda have been confirmed by history: The end of the Cold War, the downfall of Lady Margaret Thatcher as prime minister of Britain, plans for a global tax and more wars, among other reports.

The overall strategy of Bilderberg is to use taxpayers’ money to finance international projects from which they profit. It is called “internationalism.” In Bilderberg meetings, the elite get together to scheme profitable international ventures just this side of the line of legality. A world government would make it easier to corrupt just one group of bureaucrats, not several groups of different nations.

While the media blackout in the United States re mains almost absolute, in recent years the European press has given attention to Bilderberg, raising questions about its secretiveness and agenda. Perhaps this is why they may have selected the United States this year for their venue.

Bilderberg has purchased the silence of the U.S. mainstream media. The publisher of The Washington Post, currently Donald Graham, has attended every meeting since 1954. The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times have been represented at several Bilderberg meetings. Each major TV network has, too.

All have attended on a pledge of secrecy—which they have faithfully kept. By doing so, they become journalistic prostitutes. That’s because public business is being conducted in secret even though the sessions are subsidized by taxpayers.

It’s also illegal because public officials who attend spend public monies for unofficial purposes.

At every meeting, high officials from the White House and departments of State, Treasury and Defense attend. Leaders in Congress attend. Taxpayers pay their travel costs and they don’t fly coach.

Security at Bilderberg dwarfs the White House palace guard. There is always an armada of uniformed, armed guards and platoons of gun-totin’ plainclothesmen. In Europe, the military is sometimes deployed. Bilderberg reimburses localities for the protection. Reporters have been chased by dogs and thrown in jail.

Participants in Stenungsund, Sweden, last year included Kenneth Dam, deputy secretary of treasury; Richard Perle, a consultant to the Pentagon; David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Sen. Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.), and John Thornton, former president of Goldman Sachs and head of the Ford Motor Co.