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New American Navy uniforms will test their urine to see if they’re under radioactive or chemical attack

UK Daily Mail [1]
May 1, 2012

In the wars of the Twentieth Century, uniforms just served to keep soldiers warm – but in future wars, they’re likely to be complicated electronic systems.

The Office of Naval Research is researching uniforms which can detect where soldiers have been shot – and also detect whether they have been exposed to nuclear or biological agents.

Sensors for blood, radiation and chemical poisons would be woven into the uniforms themselves – dubbed ‘Intelligent Uniforms.’

The uniforms – in a proposal submitted by the ONR this week – would also carry GPS units and radios, so that their assessment of a soldier’s health can be radioed back to base.

It’s one of a range of hi-tech options the Pentagon and defence companies are currently researching for soldier’s uniforms, including glasses that give soldiers ‘super vision’ and uniforms with electric fabric that allow soldiers to communicate with one another via radio.

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