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New Jersey Town Tries to Force Resident to Remove His Ron Paul Yard Sign

Mike Riggs
Reason [1]
July 29, 2011

The Borough of Woodland Park, New Jersey, is fining resident Matthew LaCorte for refusing to remove a Ron Paul 2012 sign from his front yard. According to a friend of LaCorte’s, the recent high school alumnus received notice in the mail about a month ago that he was violating Woodland Park law by “display[ing] election signs prior to election date.”

“He was scared,” said Brian Aitken [2], who counts LaCorte as a family friend. “It didn’t make any sense to him. He didn’t want to take the signs down. I told him to do what he thought was right, so he kept the signs up. He got another warning, and they said that they were going to issue a summons.”

Said summons was issued earlier this week. LaCorte, who is a member of Young Americans for Liberty and will be starting at Hofstra in the fall, will appear in court in August. He has two options: pay a fine of $100 to Woodland Park and remove the signs, or pay a fine of $100 and receive an additional fine every day that the signs are still up.

According to Aitken, “the law is one that his been repealed in a lot of places, but it exists in the city LaCorte’s in.”

Full story here. [1]