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New Policy Allows Police To Shoot At Fleeing Cars

WBBM 780 [1]
Wednesday, July 29, 2009

CHICAGO (WBBM) – There’s a major change in policy regarding the use of deadly force by Chicago Police.

Chicago police, starting next Monday, will be changing the rules regarding when it’s okay to shoot.

The new policy, from police superintendent Jody Weis, allows police officers to shoot at fleeing vehicles, according to police spokesman Roderick Drew.



“Now officers will be able to fire upon the driver or passenger in a vehicle if that person is a forcible fleeing felon, someone who has committed a very serious offense resulting in bodily harm or has threatened to commit great bodily harm,” Drew told Newsradio 780.

The old policy allowed officers to shoot at vehicles that pose a threat to them or others, if the driver was trying to run down the officer, for example.

Now, they’ll be allowed to shoot at people trying to get away.

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