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New Times Atlas ‘must be pulped’ over climate change exaggeration row

UK Daily Mail [1]
Sept 21, 2011

The latest edition of the world’s most prestigious atlas should be pulped because it exaggerates climate change, scientists said yesterday.

The £150 Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World has changed a large coastal area of Greenland from white to green, suggesting an extreme  acceleration of the melting of the northern ice cap.

After a group of eminent Cambridge scientists wrote a letter condemning the change, the publishers admitted that they had overestimated the extent of the ice loss in publicity material accompanying the launch of the new atlas.

But they defended the accuracy of the map – and yesterday the scientists accused them of making basic ‘GCSE errors’.

Dr Ian Willis, of Cambridge University’s Scott Polar Research Institute, said they ‘utterly disputed’ that the Greenland map was correct and highlighted a list of blunders.

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