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New Year Brings Devestating News To AGW Alarmists: New Research Shows Little CO2 & Warming Correlation

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Jan 7, 2011

Read here [2]. A new peer-reviewed study finds little, if any, causal relationship between increased fossil fuel CO2 emissions and global warming. This lack of empirical evidence is of no real surprise to skeptics, and probably is the best explanation as to why climate agencies across the world have been forced to fabricate [3] fake [4] global [5] warming.

This study also indicates why the IPCC’s global climate models consistently fail: the models assume human CO2 causes global warming, which this study finds to be false.

“The main conclusion one arrives at the analysis is that CO2 has not a causal relation with global warming and it is not powerful enough to cause the historical changes in temperature that were observed. The main argument is the absence of immediate correlation between CO2 changes preceding temperature either for global or local changes…..The anthropogenic wasting of fossil fuel CO2 to the atmosphere shows no relation with the temperature changes even in an annual basis. The absence of immediate relation between CO2 and temperature is evidence that rising its mix ratio in the atmosphere will not imply more absorption and time residence of energy over the Earth surface…..The main implication is that temperature increase predictions based on CO2 driving models are not reliable.” [Paulo Cesar Soares 2010: International Journal of Geosciences [6]]

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