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New York Magazine Attacks Alex Jones

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March 29, 2011

First it was Rolling Stone, and now New York Magazine has joined the media attack on Alex Jones and the 9/11 truth movement. Which media dinosaur is next? Esquire? Vanity Fair? Time? Don’t these idiots realize that attacking 9/11 truth, and Alex Jones, who is a truth-telling hero of our age, is not a good marketing move? Forget their conscience, they should try saving their business first. And telling the truth is good business. Nothing else explains Alex’s huge success and popularity than his dedication to truth-telling. If he was just another loud-mouthed idiot instead of a patriot and a truth-teller, he would be a Republican parrot on Fox News or trading pills with Rush Limbaugh.

Joe Hagan, the author of the New York Magazine’s hit piece on Alex, says that Alex is a pimp of “political paranoia.” That’s the Establishment’s codeword for “truth speech.” Truth speech is forbidden in mainstream news and commentary. If you state plainly that the Bush administration was behind 9/11, you’re automatically classified as paranoid. If you believe big banks on Wall Street robbed America, you’re a conspiracy theorist. If you believe the Earth revolves around the Sun, you’re insane and should check into rehab.

But treating the truth as heretical and viewing history through the eyes of official dogma is out of fashion nowadays. Pretty soon the hipsters will be carrying 9/11 Truth signs. Times have changed. The Establishment media is losing ratings, viewership, trust, everything. The Western public is beginning to recover its sanity. People are in the process of discovering that their rights were taken away from their governments while they were asleep.

Recovering consciousness always takes a bit of help, and Alex Jones has done more than most to help wake the people up and take back their freedom. The around-the-clock media attack on him, the 9/11 truth movement, and the patriot movement is having little effect. Still, we should not be reserved in our condemnation of journalists like Joe Hagan and media publications like the New York Magazine who print anti-truth trash and belittle truth-tellers as being “paranoid” crazies.

Like it or not, an attack on Alex Jones is an attack on all of us who are fighting for justice, sanity, truth, and freedom. This is a media and information war for the truth, freedom, and the destiny of our world, and just like any other war, we must defend those who are on the front lines engaging the enemy day after day. We can not let Alex’s character be assassinated and his hard-won reputation degraded and ruined by establishment media hacks. The fight to save freedom, punish the traitors who did 9/11, and end the illegal war on terror will undoubtedly involve Alex’s provocative and groundbreaking radio show. His radio broadcast is a light of truth in a dark media age.

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Anybody who attacks the truth is by nature an enemy of freedom, democracy, and justice. Since the truth was the first casualty in the war on terror, it must be recovered and restored to health before all else. We can’t end the criminal wars in the Middle East without first exposing the big 9/11 lie. Alex Jones has been on a mission to save the truth and preserve public memory about 9/11 sine day one. He deserves our vocal support now more than ever as he is being attacked from all sides.

We have good reason to defend Alex against his critics. While he was busy speaking the truth and attacking the root of tyranny for the past decade, Establishment journalists repeated the official government line on 9/11 and Iraq to the public, and cowardly turned their backs on truth, freedom, justice, and humanity.

The media’s silence about the obvious treasonous truth that 9/11 was done by individuals in the highest levels of the U.S. government will never be forgotten. There will be a backlash. Public anger and public derision are what’s called for–righteous rage. People have not even begun to express their hate and anger at the establishment media for betraying democratic principles, covering up the lies about 9/11, and poisoning the public mind with dangerous government myths.

I have not totally given up on professional journalists to tell the truth about 9/11. Redemption for journalists is possible. They can regain their reputations and save their profession if they have the guts to to go after the traitors and war criminals in Washington, Tel Aviv, and London.

Suppressing the truth and looking the other way no longer works. And tainting the reputations of heroic figures like Alex Jones and Ron Paul who tell the truth about the Federal Reserve Bank and the American empire isn’t working either. Every time they are attacked their popularity increases.

The game is up. The People are winning the information war. Nobody believes the establishment media’s hit pieces on Alex Jones and the 9/11 truth movement. The establishment media is digging its own grave. The truth about 9/11, the real reasons for the war on terror, and the private Federal Reserve can’t be ignored or discredited any longer. And there is no going back now. War crimes tribunals and treason trials are next. The world must get to the bottom of what happened on 9/11 so that we can end the apocalyptic wars in the Middle East.

Certain “journalists” can also be charged with war crimes and treason along with government officials and other conspirators behind 9/11 if it is found that they knowingly lied to the world about the nature of the 9/11 attacks and the illegal war on terror. I’m sure there is more than enough rope lying around to accommodate all the traitors and war criminals, and all the guests of the house of Satan.

This article was posted: Tuesday, March 29, 2011 at 4:04 am

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