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New Yorker Blames Rand Paul Attack on Smelly Compost and the ‘Sinister Banality’ of Trump

Newsbusters [1]
November 20, 2017

At The New Yorker on Tuesday, Jeffrey Frank reached what one hopes is the worst we’ll see of Trump Derangement Syndrome — but don’t get your hopes up. 

Frank, in attempting to analyze what might have caused registered Democrat Rene Boucher to attack Senator Rand Paul two weeks ago, blamed “the sinister banality of American life … with a lot of it these days emanating from Donald J. Trump.”

As the late great Noel Sheppard often observed in covering the media’s serial absurdities, “I kid you not.”

Frank, a senior editor at the magazine from 1995 to 2009, is now a “regular contributor” at its website. His six-paragraph effort Tuesday comes off as phoned in while sleepwalking.

A large portion of Frank’s column recounts what is already known. Beyond Paul’s six broken ribs and his impaired breathing, attacker Rene Boucher’s arrest, and Paul’s return to work in Washington, it doesn’t bear repeating. As so many in the press have done since the attack on Paul, Frank gave undue attention to the gated community’s developer, who, though he has served as Warren County, Kentucky’s Republican chairman, somehow believes that Boucher is a “near-perfect neighbor,” while Paul is an annoying guy who believes in property rights.

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