Sky News 01/13/03

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The maverick German professor who caused a storm with his public autopsy has revealed he wants to exhibit corpses having sex.

Gunther von Hagens said he is currently using his plastination technique to preserve and exhibit a dead camel and gorilla - and wants to do a giraffe and elephant next.

And the professor behind the controversial Body Worlds exhibition told Sky News Online he wanted to display two corpses having sex.

He said: "I am really thinking of it, but only if the body donors agreed during lifetime and if the final specimen is highly educational.

"Leonardo da Vinci painted a couple having sex.


"Sex is a very, very important but dangerous act, especially in the time of Aids. We should know as much as possible about what is going on, how intimate the interaction is and how sex functions, and how the anatomy is intertwined."

Professor von Hagens has been described as a real-life Hannibal Lecter and a modern-day Dr Frankenstein.

He defied calls for his arrest when he carried out the first public autopsy in Britain for 170 years at his exhibition in Brick Lane, east London, in November.

The professor recently said he wanted to plastinate a reindeer.


And he told Sky News Online: "We are doing a camel and a gorilla. They should be ready in four weeks. I plan to do a giraffe and an elephant. I have contacts in South africa, where I can get them from."

Plastination involves replacing body fluids with a solid plastic which preserves body tissue and allows the corpse to become flexible but stay rigid after being put into a pose.

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