Bush OK's Summary Executions Of Some Designated As Terrorists

Reuters 08/12/02

Original Link:
http://www.abcnews.go.com/wire/World/reuters200200811_493.html (Entire story vanished down the memory hole)

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - In a surprise move sure to raise outcries from foreign governments, civil liberties groups and others, The White House today announced with little fanfare that effective immediately, certain individuals whom President Bush or other high-level Administration members have designated as terrorists are subject to summary execution by either Homeland Security operatives, U.S. intelligence operatives, and in some cases by U.S. military personnel.

The presidential directive applies to both U.S. and foreign citizens, both within and outside the United States territory.
The White House gave notice of the new policy in as quiet a way as possible, making the announcement late Sunday evening from Crawford, Texas. The unprecedented move is thought certain to generate a firestorm of protest from numerous quarters.

Citing national security considerations, Bush Administration spokespersons have declined to comment on the new directive. In light of the President's slippage in recent opinion polls, many political analysts believe the Administration will avoid making any further public references to what is sure to be a very contentious and unpopular decision.