Anti-Bush T-Shirt

WHIO-TV 12/12/02

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Secret Service Agents question a Bellbrook High School student for wearing a controversial t-shirt.

The shirt has a picture of President Bush on it and the words, "not my president."

Because this issue is so sensitive, even we don't know the students name.

But we can tell you this whole thing was brought to the attention of school administrators after two students came forward and complained.

According to the Assistant Principal, the student had worn it before and the shirt didn't cause any problems until cross hairs appeared on the President's forehead.

The Assistant Principal confiscated the shirt, called the FBI and agents then called the secret service.

From that point, the Secret Service took over the investigation and met with the student and essentially treated the situation as a potential threat on the president.

There are more than 800 students at Bellbrook High School and the Assistant Principal says they're all good kids, but he's especially proud of two of them.

They tell us we're all responsible for homeland security, and they did what they're supposed to do and we're very proud of them for taking the stance that they did.


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