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Newsweek Forgot The Conspiracy They Were An Active Part Of : To Lie America Into The Iraq War

Darryl Mason
Your New Reality [1]
Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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In a fairly weak piece of clickbait (and the mainstream media knows ‘conspiracy theories’ are click magnets), Newsweek lists the following as “hip, trendy, least likely fringe beliefs” [3] :

* Obama Is A Secret Muslim, With No American Birth Certificate

* FEMA Is Establishing Detention Camps For American Gitizens

* BushCo. Knew The 9/11 Attacks Were Coming

* Media Corporations Want Internet Licenses For All Users, IndieMedia & Bloggers

* AGW Is A Hoax

* Goldman Sachs Purposely Created Fragile Investment Bubbles And Then Bet On Them Failing

Incredibly, Newsweek uses this story [3] to claim that business links tying the Bush and Bin Laden families together are just more “fringe” conspiracy theories.

And they wonder why their media is dying.