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Newtown Mother Exposing Sandy Hook Corruption at Public Hearing

Shepard Ambellas
Intel Hub [1]
Feb 6, 2013

NEWTOWN HIGH SCHOOL — In a strange twist of events, Susan McGuinness Getzinger (a local resident) has come forward regarding shady actions in the Connecticut school system.

The woman stated that her husband was killed in a fatal car accident the night after she protested local corruption at a previous public hearing.

The woman calls out the 3 top administrators of the Newtown School District and mentions a law firms involvement.

The woman states in the hearing, “You walk into your PPT or Educational Hearing, they are all in on it. The staff is told not to identify, they can’t pay their mortgage if they speak out against it. It’s wrong. Fix it. Dead Kid’s that’s the price got it?”.

The woman is rather scattered during her presentation, but goes on to end the presentation before being swiftly removed from the podium with, “Adam Lanza was the first victim cause he probably had medical problems, and the attorneys sealed the records!”.

A speaker cuts the woman off as she is whisked off stage.


The woman also states that there were three schools in lockdown the day of the Sandy Hook School Shooting, but then never follows up on the statement in a manner that one can follow.