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Nightclub goes for face-scanning security

Herald Sun [1]
Thursday, April 23, 2009

A MELBOURNE nightclub has installed facial recognition software to stamp out thugs and known troublemakers.

Chasers nightclub in Chapel St, which already has metal detectors to screen patrons for weapons, believes the system is one of the first in the world for nightclubs.

Management now wants the technology to be adopted in other nightclubs to create a security network.

Assaults and violence around nightspots is increasing.



Melbourne’s Lord Mayor Robert Doyle said the technology could help the fight against violence, and should be looked at for venues on their last warnings.

The face-recognition technology was installed at Chasers on the weekend.

It was bought after a chemical bomb was let off in the venue last year.

On entering, patrons’ faces are scanned by a camera and the image and driver’s licence details are stored on computer for 28 days.

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