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North Korea ‘burning with hatred’ for US after stealth bomber missions

AFP & London Telegraph [1]
March 28, 2013

The deployment of the stealth bombers was clearly meant to deliver a potent message to Pyongyang about the US commitment to defending South Korea against any aggression as military tensions on the Korean peninsula soar.

It came after theĀ North [2] severed its last-remaining military hotline with South Korea on Wednesday and put its rocket units on combat status with a threat to target US bases in the Pacific region.

It also emerged on Wednesday that North Korea had “Photoshopped” an image of a troop landing drill [3] as part of Pyongyang’s renewed military propaganda war.

The two B-2s, from Whiteman Air Force base in Missouri, flew the 13,000 mile (20,800 kilometre) round-trip in a “single continuous mission”, dropping dummy ordnance on a target range in the South, the US military said in a statement.

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