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North Korea ‘highly likely to attack South Korea again’

Peter Foster
London Telegraph
Dec 1, 2010

North Korea is “highly likely” to attack South Korea again as its ailing leader Kim Jong-il seeks to bolster the standing of his regime ahead of a planned handover of power, South Korea’s intelligence chief has warned.

“There is a high possiblity that the North will make another attack,” said Won Sei-hoon, director of South Korea’s National Intelligence Service told a parliamentary committee meeting in Seoul.

He added that phone-tap intelligence last August had hinted at the likelihood of an attack off South Korea’s west coast, months before last week’s shelling by North Korea of a South Korean island, killing four.

The attack had come against a backdrop of economic and political instability in the North, which is reeling under UN sanctions imposed last year after its second illegal nuclear weapons test.

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