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North Korea opens fire as war games begin

Rick Wallace
The Australian
Nov 28, 2010

JOINT US-South Korea military exercises in the Yellow Sea got off to a tense start yesterday.

North Korea fired off more artillery shells in an apparent training exercise while it moved missiles into position near the sea border.

Last night defence authorities ordered journalists to leave Yeonpyeong in case of a fresh attack, while South Korean forces accidentally discharged an artillery shell that fell on their own side of the demilitarised zone.

The North, which had warned that the US-led naval exercises would bring the region to the brink of war, yesterday vowed a “merciless military counter-attack” against any intrusion into its waters.

“Such moves for confrontation and war with the DPRK made by the puppet war maniacs (South Korea) under the pretext of ‘defending northern limit line’ will bring nothing but shameful self-destruction to them,” said a commentary in the ruling Communist Party newspaper Rodong Sinmun.

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