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North Korea says ‘prepare for war’

CJ Ciaramella
London Telegraph [1]
March 8, 2013

Kim told troops during a frontline tour that the slightest provocation would result in his immediate order for a “great advance” along the entire frontline with the South, according to state media.

His visit to a unit near the disputed maritime border with South Korea coincided with an outpouring of vitriol from Pyongyang over UN sanctions imposed for its nuclear test last month.

A raft of new threats which included fresh talk of nuclear war and the scrapping of peace pacts with South Korea, have ramped up tensions on the Korean peninsula that have increased since the North staged a third nuclear test last month.

Pyongyang is known for its bellicose rhetoric, but the tone has reached a frenzied pitch in recent days, fuelling concerns that it might trigger a border incident, with both North and South planning major military exercises next week.

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