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Norway Killings Prompt Crackdown On Brits Opposed to Immigration

Kurt Nimmo
Prison Planet.com
July 25, 2011

On Sunday, The Telegraph [1] reported that Scotland Yard is searching for a shadowy network of Brits who allegedly hosted Norway’s accused mass murderer, Anders Behring Breivik, prior to his killing spree last week.

Officials say Breivik claimed that he was just one of up to 80 “solo martyr cells” recruited throughout Western Europe who were ready to follow his example of trying to overthrow governments tolerant of Islam, according to the newspaper.

The “far right” and the “clash of civilizations.”

Breivik supposedly considers himself a successor to the medieval Knights Templar. He said he was recruited at a meeting in London in April 2002 hosted by two English extremists and attended by eight people.

In his massive manifesto [2] that lifts entire sections of Unabomber Ted Kaczynski’s treatise against modern civilization, Breivik said he had communicated with the English Defense League.

The EDL is at best a marginal political group consisting of around 300 dedicated members. It counters Muslim demonstrations against the occupation of Afghanistan, rallies against supporters of the Palestinian cause, and has clashed with socialists.

In February, the group reportedly formed a coalition [3] with anti-immigration groups from Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands, as well as other more established groups from France, Germany and Denmark.

Recent polls reveal a majority of Europeans oppose immigration from outside the EU. According to a Guardian survey [4] conducted in March, a large number of Europeans believe unrestricted immigration is the first or second most serious problem they face.

A poll by Populis showed that 48 percent of Britons would consider supporting a new anti-immigration party. Around 52 percent agreed with the proposition that “Muslims create problems in the UK.”

(Side note: In fact, many of the problems created by Muslims are encouraged or provocateured by British intelligence [5].)

Opposition to immigration from Muslim countries is considered a “right-wing” political attitude by European governments and the corporate media.

British PM David Cameron has chaired a National Security Council meeting with top security advisers to discuss Britain’s supposed vulnerability to a Norway-style terrorist attack, according to Sky News [6].

Sky News, which is partially-owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, reports there is pressure on the Cameron to put more resources into the alleged problem of so-called far-right groups in Britain – in other words, the British government will step up surveillance of disfavored political groups and expand its already sizable police state apparatus [7].

Unrestricted immigration is a cornerstone of corporate globalization. In Europe and the United States, the globalists are exploiting illegal immigration to push their agenda of a borderless, one-world state where workers along with other commodities move without restriction.

In addition to promoting globalization, open and unrestricted immigration – especially from Muslim and other non-Christian nations – is designed to foster order out of chaos. A prime example of this occurred in France. In 2005, a state of emergency [8] was declared in the country after north African Muslims rioted. The corporate media exacerbated the situation by declaring native French citizens are hopelessly plagued by racism, xenophobia and classism.

The global elite are setting the stage for more terror attacks in Europe, Britain, and eventually the United States. Cameron’s meeting indicates Britain may be the next target, followed by the United States.

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In the recent past, terror was portrayed as arriving from Islamic terrorists in distant caves. The next phase of propaganda insisted the terror threat was from “homegrown” Muslim terrorists. Now the Muslim element has been subtracted from the equation and the threat is from white “right-wing extremists” who are violently opposed to Islam as the manufactured clash of civilizations plays itself out on the international stage.

The new enemies of the state are not violent Muslims who want to impose sharia law on westerners – as the corporate media insisted ad nauseam – but Europeans and Americans opposed to wide open immigration policies and the refusal of the state to enforce national borders and stop illegal immigration. Opposition to a tidal wave of immigrants and a dilution of national culture and language is now considered “right-wing extremism” by the state.

“Solo martyr cells” of violent white people have replaced al-Qaeda as the new threat. The propaganda effort has commenced in Britain as Scotland Yard searches for a shadowy network of white supremacists dedicated to murder and mayhem.